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From early 2000’s we have been planting trees working with community leaders across South India under the guidance of Dr. Umar Alisha, founder of UARDT.

This project is a single branch of a huge tree like organization called Umar Alisha Rural Development Trust. We have tried over the years to raise awareness through various platforms and distinguished projects. Through projects like Naa Mokka Naa Swasa (My plant, is my breath), Make Vizag Green, Make Kakinada Green, Make Tadepalligudem Green, Make Pithapuram Green we have been planting trees all over the state. Activities which propel is towards a healthier future like planting one lakh trees in a day are a real feather in our cap.

We have tried our absolute best to safeguard most of the trees that we have planted. But this is not a one man job. Each and everyone of us is accountable to Mother Earth. To endorse a positive change in our behavior we have created this platform. Keeping a track of the progress of the plants we plant today is a metric of improvement of our tomorrow.

What Do We Do

We Plant To Make Our Planet Green

Gift To Our Future Generations

One Of The Best Gift We Can Give Future Generations are Trees

Someone Is Sitting In The Shade Today Is Someone Planted A Tree A Long Time Ago.

Providing Fruits And Leaves That Serve As Food For Birds, Animals As Well As Human beings

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One Touch Of Nature Makes The Whole World Green And Happy

The Key To A Greenary Planet Is In Our Hands

To Plant A Garden Is To Believe In Tomorrow

Best Equipment

Plant A Seed And Just Pour Some Water To It. It Will Save You For Your LifeTime And Also Your Future Generations

Good For You And Your Future

Our Motto

Each ONE, Teach ONE, How To Plant ONE

Hand To Save The Trees

Take Care Of Your Plant

He Who Plants A Tree, Plants A Hope

Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope

Up Here My Eyes Are Green Leaves

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Our New Project "Selfi With My Plant" Details

This project is a simple two step process. First click a picture of you with your sampling and keep documenting it's growth by uploading it on the website. The second is to geotag your sapling. Monitoring and documenting the growth of a plant will encourage us to grow more. It is also the kind of relaxation time we need in our current world. Geotagging will help us locate your plant and keep a count of how many trees we have planted.

It might sound elaborate to take such steps. But looking at our rapidly changing climate, we have to realize that it is absolutely necessary. Mother Earth has given us everything and taken great care of us, it's our time to take care of her.

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The Grass Is Greener Where You Water It

Green Is The Prime Color Of The World, And That From Which Its Loveliness Arises.

What Is The Use Of A House If You Dont Have A Decent Planet To Put It on.

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